When times are tough, we keep going.

Covid-19 spun our world upside down and some. At FRED & FARID, we had talked extensively about what we could do to try to help spread some joy in our sunny city of Los Angeles. I and the team, created these posters inspired by the LA letterpress legends, Colby Printing Press. These poster were meant to vibrate and radiate joy off the page with words of encouragement.

Our friends at JCDecaux were nice enough to lend us their billboard spaces to plaster our posters and also encouraged us to create other posters for Boston, Chicago, and New York - so we did! In the same vein as the LA posters, the art direction for the other cities were specifically crafted based of hints from locals.


Brand: JCDecaux
Agency: FRED & FARID Los Angeles
Creative Director: Chelsea Steiger
Art Director: Jocelyn Lam, Laura Beck
Writer: Hilary Smith

x2 One Show / Shortlist - JCDecaux “Keep Going” Campaign
x2 Clio Shortlist - JCDecaux “Keep Going” Campaign