In a world dominated by cold and robotic tech, HP aims to keep it human. 

HP is a globally successful PC company with all that said, they are still such a “dad” brand (this is not a knock to any fathers out there reading). They came asking us to help them be cool and fresh for their
new Gen Z target so that’s what we did. We added some color, we built a more stylized world for HP to live in and we brought a younger, fresher cast. The idea was the humanize the brand and visualize how HP shows up in your life in any and everyway possible. After 2.5 weeks in Mexico City (but even more weeks in post) and multiple elotes later we made: 207 unique films, 7200 still images (36 of which had post / color work done), 42 unique social assets (we were bid for 9), 60 banners, 7 animated banners, several key visuals, and 3 campaign landing pages. It was a trip.


Brand: HP
Agency: FRED & FARID Los Angeles
Creative Director: Chelsea Steiger
Art Directors: Jocelyn Lam & Laura Beck
Writer: Hilary Smith
Producer: Esther Perls

Production: Reset / The Lift
Director: Adam Hashemi
DOP: Monika Lenczewska
Editor: Zoe Mougin
Colourist: Daniel DeVue
Photographer: Mayan Toledano

AICP Post Awards / Shortlist / Color Grading Under :60 - HP “Keep It Human” Campaign
Webby Honoree - HP “Keep It Human” Campaign


I even somehow made a cameo in one of the edits and not to get ahead of myself but... for all acting and modeling inquires please email ;)