My most real moments, captured on film.

While my love for my iPhone is undeniable, there's a certain allure to film that I simply can't let go of. The unpredictability it brings is both exhilarating and nerve-racking, allowing me to embody the 'tumblr chick' fantasy my 14-year-old self once longed for... just kidding! Shooting film is incredibly special because it embraces all the imperfections, making you appreciate every single photo— good or bad.

Here are some of my favorite photos, featuring places I've traveled, spots I revisit often, people I hold dear, individuals I've just met, and those I've observed from afar. Most importantly, it captures the food I've enjoyed. These images represent my most cherished memories, viewed through my lens and taken on physical film. I hope you enjoy glimpsing into my life as much as I do!