The most iconic electric mixed with the classic acoustic sound. The new hybrid.

The Acoustasonic Player Telecaster is Fender’s newest and most affordable guitar in the series. Combining the charm of the iconic Telecaster with the versatility of an acoustic guitar, this model stands out. We celebrated its features through an entrancing video, showcasing how this guitar morphs and shapeshifts, drawing inspiration from other models and culminating in the innovative hybrid design.

With such a new and polarizing instrument, we put together a two-part series called “Versatile by Design” to highlight all the nuances of a model like this and provide firsthand insights from Fender employees on what went into its creation.


Brand: Fender Musical Instruments
Creative Director: Matthew Deak
Art Director: Jocelyn Lam
Head of Copy: Beth Wawerna
Project Managers: Brandon Ramirez, Ben Sauer
Director/Videographer: Han-Su Kim
Artist Marketing: Ben Blanc-Dumont, Jason Klein

Motion Production: Man vs. Machine
Photographer: Dean Yoshihara
Artists: Melissa Muzak, Pablo Sotelo of Inner Wave