The classic songs that inspired today’s most favorite artists now re-created.

The Acoustasonic Player Telecaster is a hybrid guitar, serving as the perfect tool for both songwriting and onstage performances. It combines the essence of an acoustic guitar with all the pickups and tones you love on an electric. To highlight the guitar's versatility, we invited artists to perform two songs: a cover of a song that inspired them (interpreted in their style) and an original song inspired by the covered piece.

Each set was meticulously curated and designed, tailored to the artist's unique style and taste, creating a miniature world for them.


Brand: Fender Musical Instruments
Creative Director: Matthew Deak
Art Director: Jocelyn Lam
Head of Copy: Beth Wawerna
Project Manager: Brandon Ramirez
Artist Marketing: Ben Blanc-Dumont, Jason Klein, Matt Farrar, Rhudy Correa, David Mulqueen

Production: Buckets Moving Co.
Director: Alex Chaloff
Editor: Jonathan Hagans
Set Design: Skye Prey
Artists: Conan Grey, Faye Webster, Jordan Mackampa, Lucy Dacus, Jesse Rutherford, Danny Felix, Self Esteem, SG Lewis