We all have regrets, but we’ll never regret being a player.

The Player Series line stands out as the most versatile and player-friendly collection within the Fender family. Designed for young guitarists looking to elevate their skills from a beginner level, it offers a substantial model that instills the pride of rocking the iconic Fender headstock. Our campaign aimed to celebrate the essence of being a player by emphasizing the obvious: everyone, especially at a young age, may have regrets, but no one ever regrets playing the guitar or being a player.

The focus of our campaign features spotlights on various incredible artists, delving into the impact that being a player has had on their lives. In addition to these films, we created a series of print and out-of-home (OOH) placements strategically positioned in major cities, reinforcing our tagline and constantly reminding individuals that despite any regrets they may have, they'll never regret owning a Fender.


Brand: Fender Musical Instruments
Creative Director: Matthew Deak
Art Director: Jocelyn Lam
Head of Copy: Beth Wawerna
Writer: Diamond Doom
Project Manager: Brandon Ramirez
Artist Marketing: Jason Klein, Helena Ngo, Matt Farrar, Stephen Taylor

Production: Stept Studios
Director: Camila Cornelsen
Producer: Rebecca Case
Production: Buckets Moving Co.
Director: Alex Chaloff
Producers: Wesley Stebbins-Perry, Christen Pinkston
Editor: Jonathan Hagans
Artists: Dominic Fike, HAIM, Luna Li, Cecilia Castleman, Cafuné, Jean Dawson, The Linda Lindas