Some say it’s about how it sounds, but to true pedal players, it’s all about how it feels.

Fender Effects took the most iconic effects pedals and streamlined the design to making It the most functional and practical pedal line. They are slim and compact to be most ideal for any pedal board. Despite being small, the effects are strong. To prove so, we created a whole show focusing on the thing all shoegazers love, how the pedal feels when you play it. Our cheeky little show stars the hilarious Tobee Paik as he walks through all the “feelings” and then things get a little weird ;-)


Brand: Fender Musical Instruments
Creative Director: Matthew Deak
Art Director: Jocelyn Lam
Head of Copy: Beth Wawerna
Project Manager: Ben Sauer
Artist Marketing: Jason Klein

Production: Ways & Means
Director: Bill Benz
Editor: Jonathan Kramer, Bill Benz
VFX: Jonathan Kramer, Bill Benz
Photographer: Dean Yoshihara
Actor: Tobee Paik