The Fender Effects “Dual Pedals” prepare for an iconic duel of their own. 

Fender Effects is such a playful part of the brand and business, it really allows us to celebrate creativity and do something completely random but wildly entertaining. For this campaign, we were tasked to showcase the Duel Pugilist Distortion Pedal and the Dual Marine Layer Reverb Pedal in an engaging and memorable way so we decided to play off the word “duel” and put them to war but instead of fighting against eachother, they’re teaming up to take over this devil.

I enlisted the talented Seo Inji, South Korean illustrator and animator to help bring this story to life in the most bizarre and colorful way. There’s nothing cooler than rock n roll bears and dancing devils. Hope it gives you a laugh like it does for me.


Brand: Fender Musical Instruments
Creative Director: Matthew Deak
Art Director: Jocelyn Lam
Project Manager: Brandon Ramirez

Illustrator & Animator: Seo Inji
Original Music: Luli Lee & MEMI